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Tao Balance

90 Minutes - $300.00
120 Minutes - $400.00

Tao translates to - way, road, channel or path. Tao is an intentional practice promoting inner balance by centring the Chi. Awakening every muscle, extend her whole body to stretch, roll, pat and release tension, anxiety, and trauma that is held in the body.


This Tao entire body massage is such a cleansing experience unlike any other. When holding space for oneself, multitudes of areas may require specific attention. When our Che is aligned, we have the energy to manifest, heal and strengthen parts of ourselves. 

The duration of this session is extended to ensure there is enough time to melt deeply into your body. 

What techniques do you use?
This body-to-body massage integrates breath work, meditation, and inner healing, utilising techniques founded in Shiatsu and Reiki. When skillfully practised will transmute your Chi.

Does this include Sexual Stimulation? 
This practice does not include an intimate touch of the Lingam (penis) or Yoni (Vulva)

Your goddess will mindfully apply a range of soft to firm touches to entwine your soul energy and Chi into harmony, allowing you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. This practice is, unlike any other, a true blessing. 

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