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Soothe and Nurture


60 Minutes - $300.00
75 Minutes - $370.00 
90 Minutes - $450.00
120 Minutes - $600.00

This Tantric Soothe and Nurture session integrates breath work, meditation, and inner healing, utilising techniques founded in Shiatsu, Reiki and Tantra and, when skillfully practised, will awaken your inner Shakti.

You will be taken on a journey, surrendering into a state of relaxation that will nurture your mind and allow you to unwind intimately in the arms of a Dakini Goddess. 

The session will be held in a warm candle-lit room with healing vibrations penetrating our spirit. Your goddess will guide you to complete relaxation, bringing consciousness to your breath, tenderly caressing and awakening your heart, encouraging flow movements mixed with breath to slither deeply into a state of consciousness, liberating your mind and body.


During this session, it is seen as natural to release yourself. Once laid down, you will be lathered in warm oils as your Dakini goddess skillfully glides her entire body over you, edging you to a shaking orgasmic state, awakening every muscle with a firm to light touch. 

Your goddess will extend her whole body to stretch, roll, pat and release tension, anxiety, and trauma that is held in the body. She practices this by balancing her weight and using her hand, feet, ankles, knees, calves, thighs, stomach, arms, neck, and head. 

The culmination of this sacred odyssey is the Lingam massage—a celebration of masculine pleasure and connection. The Dakini goddess of sensuality, approach this ancient art with reverence, guiding you to a heightened state of bliss. This Tantric Soothe and Nurture Receive Full Body Worship is not just an indulgence; it is an invitation to explore the divine within yourself. In the presence of these goddesses, surrender to the symphony of touch, meditation, and pleasure, where every moment is an exploration of the sacred, and every touch is a whisper of the divine.

When practice takes place, and you allow yourself to let go completely, you may feel an intentional out-of-body experience (Astral projection). Individuals have reported experiencing tingles, warmth, drowsiness/sleepiness and a heightened spiritual connection. Allow yourself to be graciously worshiped from head to toe, with the intention to heighten your senses and provide you with a full-body orgasm. 


Is this practised with clothes on?
You are naked so that the energy from your Root chakra - Muladhara - can rise and flow more fluidly. 

Is it usual to have an orgasm? And what if I experience multiple?
During our service, it is seen as natural to release yourself. It is also natural to reach multiple orgasms during a tantric session. 

What if I have an orgasm early?

Your dakini goddess will politely tidy up, and you can continue enjoying your experience. The dakini Goddess will move your sexual energy around your body to assist in reawakening your vessel and providing a full-body orgasm. 

Can you guide me to have Multiple Orgasms?
Yes, it is seen as entirely natural to reach multiple orgasms when practising Tantra. If you can achieve multiple orgasms, we recommend booking a session that lasts at least 1.5 hours. 

Can I touch the practitioner? Is the Dakini Goddess Naked? 
Our practitioner is the giver, and you are the receiver. As you receive, you will first gain a heightened understanding of Tantra and your senses and co
nnect with our Dakini Goddess on a natural/ vulnerable level before enhancing further. The Dakini Goddess will practice this service with a light pair of Lingerie Underwear. 

Soothe and Nurture

Give and Receive

60 Minutes - $500.00
75 Minutes - $620.00 
90 Minutes - $750.00
120 Minutes - $1000.00  

There are so many aspects of Tantra where some practices are simultaneous. Tantra rituals allow the energetic force to circulate throughout our entire being, releasing blockages and uplift the spirit, often making us feel a heightened sense of self-innovation. Naturally, allowing us to melt deeply into our shadow self, rebirthing our auric field. When the Dakini Goddess feels safe and respected, it will feel as if she is dancing around your body energetically, filling the space with a sense of flight and freedom it allows her to unfold naturally. 

Together, you will enter a state of euphoria, entwining passionately, worshipping one another divine spirit. Unmasking hidden secrets to answers you may have been asking. You are carrying forth new ideologies, transmuting beliefs and expanding your future. Speak with your Dakini Goddess, and she will inform you of the steps you can take to progress to this session. 

Does this include physical touch to the Dakini Goddesses Yoni (Valva)?
No physical touch is permitted to our practitioners Yoni 

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