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This sacred practice incorporates the essence of Shakti or Kundalini (Hinduism), also known as Chi or Qi (Buddhism & Taoism), which can be translated to energy or power. Chi is the energy in everything; aspects of Chi can remain hidden until it is awakened, governing our spiritual evolution. The source of both matter and physical energy. This energy source is located at the base of our spine.

Combining breath, movement, meditation, vibration and principles of consciousness will cultivate harmony and happiness in our life. Tantric therapy is the bridge connecting spirituality and sexuality. This ancient and spiritual practice developed in Central and Southeast Asia is becoming a modern-day practice in the West.

Would you like to learn how to stimulate/ awaken your sexual energy, move it throughout your body, and contain it in your system for healing, transformation and expansion?

Speak with your Dakini Goddess today with any questions you may have 

For many, tantric rituals improve your sexual desire, more commonly known as libido. Our sexual desires are influenced by three factors: Biological, Psychological and Social. 


These are some benefits when all three factors are in synergy

  • Elevate emotions, removing blocked (or stuck) energy

  • Improvement in vitality and health

  • Potential improvement in orgasmic pleasure

  • Clearing the mind - Reducing stress and promoting self-relaxation

  • Treatment of common sexual dysfunctions

  • A fulfilling sense of contentment and joy




Thank you for your curiosity, and Welcome to my sacred space, I am the founder of Sacred Dakini Healing a collective of ferocious tantric goddesses, practicing the sacred ritual designed to intertwine our sexual and spiritual energy and awaken our kundalini energy that we store in our bodies. 


I am Tranquillity. I am a Seed. I am a mind and body practitioner. 


During our quality time, I will devote my mind and body to bring consciousness to your body's sensations and emotions and elevate your sensual pleasure. I have had the satisfaction of diving deeply into ecstasy (Tantric & Karma Sutra Rituals) for many years. Therefore, I am delighted knowing this is the perfect space to formulate connections whilst feeling completely relaxed and aroused.


I will focus on the back, front, spine, pelvis, head, ears, feet, mouth, and skin, removing any blockages to obtain a higher level of satisfaction that will awaken your sexual energy, allowing you to connect to your higher self - The Divine - and transcend.


Every venture will be different as we passionately entwine energetically, practicing rituals that heighten your senses and melt you deeply through the cosmos. Sacred Dakini Healing understands that each individual may require different levels and types of support. 


Contact Us

Sacred Dakini Healing

Private Residence, Endeavour Hills, VIC, 3802

Tel: 0400 574 083


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