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Four Hand Seduction 

60 minutes - $600
75 minutes - $750

90 minutes - $900

120 minutes - $1200

Step into a realm of divine sensuality with our Four Hand Tantric Full Body Massage, a transcendent experience curated by two enchanting Dakini Priestesses of touch, meditation, and pleasure.


As you enter this sanctuary, our Dakini Priestesses, create an atmosphere of profound connection. With their skilled hands and divine intuition, usher you into a state of profound relaxation, creating a canvas for the sensual masterpiece that unfolds.


As the dance of breathwork commences, feel the rhythm of your essence syncing with the universe. Every inhale and exhale becomes a symphony, heightening your awareness and deepening the connection to your inner self setting the stage for an intimate exploration. 

At the heart of this extraordinary journey lies the sacred art of Lingam massage, a celebration of intimate connection and pleasure. Our practitioners approach this ancient technique with utmost respect and expertise, creating an environment where sensuality and spirituality intertwine seamlessly. Experience a profound release of energy, promoting vitality and a heightened state of bliss.


The Priestesses weave the sacred art of Reiki into the experience, gently channeling universal life force energy to harmonize your spiritual and physical realms. This ethereal touch creates a sanctuary of serenity, enveloping you in a cocoon of pleasure and healing. 


Surrender to this divine fusion of touch, meditation, breathwork, and sacred connection—a sensory odyssey inviting you to explore the heights of pleasure and the depths of self-discovery.

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