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Tantric BodyWorship - Give and Receive

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Service Description

60 Minutes - $500.00 75 Minutes - $620.00 90 Minutes - $750.00 120 Minutes - $1000.00 _______________________________________________ Tantra rituals allow the energetic force to circulate throughout our entire being, releasing blockages and uplifting the spirit, often making us feel a heightened sense of self-innovation. Naturally, allowing us to melt deeply into our shadow self, rebirthing our auric field. When the Dakini Goddess feels safe and respected, it will feel as if she is dancing around your body energetically, filling the space with a sense of flight and freedom it allows her to unfold naturally. There are so many aspects of Tantra where some practices are simultaneous. Together, you will enter a state of euphoria, entwining passionately, worshipping one another divine spirit. Unmasking hidden secrets to answers you may have been asking. You are carrying forth new ideologies, transmuting beliefs and expanding your future. Speak with your Dakini Goddess, and she will inform you of the steps you can take to progress to this session. Can I touch the practitioner? Is the Dakini Goddess Naked? If this service has been offered to you, your Dakini Goddess believes you have gained an understanding of the Rituals practised and have a natural connection with one another. This service is very Natural and allows your Goddess to be completely vulnerable with you. During this session, it is normal for your Goddess to enter into a Tantric state and have full-body orgasms throughout the session, enhancing your senses. The Dakini Goddess will practice this service with a light pair of Lingerie Underwear. Your Dakini Goddess does not receive a Yoni Massage during this session. Is it usual to have an orgasm? And what if I experience multiple? During our service, it is seen as natural to release yourself. It is also natural to reach multiple orgasms during a tantric session. What if I have an orgasm early? Your dakini goddess will politely tidy up, and you can continue enjoying your experience. The dakini Goddess will move your sexual energy around your body to assist in reawakening your vessel and providing a full-body orgasm.

Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours notice prior to your booking commencing time, for all Cancellations. This will ensure you Booking deposit of $50.00 will be held. If we are not informed within 24 hours, Sacred Dakini Healing will remove your booking deposit will be charged as the Cancellation fee.

Contact Details

  • Endeavour Hills VIC, Australia

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