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  • Endeavour Hills

Service Description

Sensual Wash Pricing: Solo- 20mins - $50 / 40mins - $100 / 60mins - $150 Together- 20mins - $100 / 40mins - $200 / 60mins - $300 This practice is ideal if you want to treat the body and relax deeply into a state of consciousness. This session stimulates soft skin, relaxation and helps support our muscles and bones. Your sensual wash can be included before or after your session. Your goddess will guide you to close your eyes, unwind and soak in a soothing warm bath filled with delicious tea, oatmeal, oils and salts. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Bondage - Light or Dark Pricing: Varies depending on Light/Dark & Preferences Minimum: $100.00+ Your goddess will only agree to practice Bondage if she believes you understand your boundaries. Sensual tickles, silky blindfolds and light shibari are designed to intentionally heighten your senses and allow you to lose yourself in erotic submission whilst adding a little bit of mischief to the session. Your dakini goddess will skillfully use Fluffy cuffs, leather whips and restraints to stimulate different areas of your body. This bondage session includes light S&M, where you will be tied up, blindfolded, and dominated with firm spanking, tapping, and slapping. Your goddess will speak with you before the session, confirm your soft and hard limits, and set a safe word before performing bondage activities. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Sacred Spot Ritual Pricing: Varies depending on Preference (You have a couple of options from Fingers, g-spot probes, vibration, and pegging) ​Minimum: $50.00+ The sacred spot is the heart of the energy centre located within our G-Spot. Allow yourself to extend your ecstatic orgasmic pleasure and tap into an infinite, intuitive flow of innovative energy. The Sacral Chakra, Svhadhisthana, is the seat of our emotions, creativity and sexual energy. Indulge in a state of euphoria, harmony and aliveness, increasing the power to feel expanded pleasure throughout the body. Upon arrival, your dakini goddess will speak with you and confirm your boundaries and any questions.

Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours notice prior to your booking commencing time, for all Cancellations. This will ensure you Booking deposit of $50.00 will be held. If we are not informed within 24 hours, Sacred Dakini Healing will remove your booking deposit will be charged as the Cancellation fee.

Contact Details

  • Endeavour Hills VIC, Australia


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